Sous la feuille | Little Big Leaf
We leave the room delighted, our heads full of beautiful images, with the desire to smile at all the tiny and giant wonders that surround us.
— Josiane Desloges - Le Soleil, June 2019
Under the leaf is a lovely proposal by Josué Beaucage and Ariane Voineau (...)

a poetic show carried by dance and music

“One day, I was looking at the earth from far away. I wanted to see the forest, I got very close. Then I wanted to see a tree and I got very very close. Then, I wanted to see a leaf, I approached very very very close. I lifted the leaf, to see what was underneath...

That day, I understood that I was a giant.”

seated on furs, sheltered under tents built for them, the little spectators of "Little big Leaf" discover an intriguing forest where little things take a big step. very tender, subtle, this story told by movement and music awakens the senses. carried by the enveloping movements of Ariane Voineau, the warm and reassuring voice of Josué Beaucage, the sensitive staging of Olivier Normand, this poetic and evocative show tackles an essential question for very young audiences: Am I tall or short?


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production team

Original idea and interpretation : Ariane Voineau et Josué Beaucage 

Director : Olivier Normand 

Set and costume design: Julie Levesque 

Choreography: Ariane Voineau 

Dance artistic advice: Jean-François Duke 

Original music and lyrics : Josué Beaucage 

Lighting designer: Keven Dubois 


management & booking


Agence Mickaël Spinnhirny
Développement international
+1 (514) 833-9005